The Christian Archaeological Society organizes educational field trips in Greece and abroad, in order to bring its members and friends of Byzantine archaeology into contact with the monuments and to contribute to the dissemination of Byzantine art to the wider public.

These field trips include visits and guided tours to archaeological sites, monuments, and museums by expert members of the Society and staff members of local Directorates (Ephorates) of Antiquities.

To date, several one-day field trips have been organized to Byzantine monuments in Attica and other nearby areas, as well as longer trips in Greece and in countries where remnants of their Byzantine past is preserved (Italy and Turkey). The Society offers discounts to students, so that young scholars can benefit from this educational activity.

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2019 - Field Trips organized by the CHAE



Field trips of the Christian Archaeological Society to Archaeological Sites and Monuments in Greece and abroad during 2019.

List of CHAE field trips 2019

Program of the CHAE visit to the Omorphi Ekklisia at Galatsi

Program of the CHAE trip to Chalkis

Program of the CHAE trip in Attica

Program of the CHAE trip to Aegina

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