The Board of the Christian Archaeological Society

The Christian Archaeological Society is represented by an eleven-member board, which is elected every three years by the General Assembly of its members and comprises the President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer, Special Secretary and six Councillors.

The Board directs and manages the interests and affairs of the Society, is responsible for securing funding, sets out the expenses, promotes the Society's aims and gives account of its management at the Annual General Meeting of XAE members.


The current Administrative Board (following the elections of May 2018) consists of:

President: Maria Panayotidi-Kesisoglou
Vice-president: Georgios Pallis
Secretary general: Ioanna Bitha
Cashier: Maria Kazanaki-Lappa
Secretary special: Angeliki Katsioti

Demetrios Athanasoulis

Klimis Aslanidis

Olga Vassi

Anastasia Drandaki

Stavros Mamaloukos

Pagona Papadopoulou