The aims of the Christian Archaeological Society

The Christian Archaeological Society was founded in December 1884. According to its charter, the Society “aims to gather together and to safeguard the remains of Christian Antiquity in Greece or elsewhere, the preservation and study of which contribute to illuminating the history and art of our forefathers”.


The Society’s aim today is to promote research and scholarly activity of all kinds in the sector of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Archaeology and Art. In order to achieve these aims, the XAE:


  • Publishes an annual periodical of international status, the Bulletin of the Christian Archaeological Society, which is the only periodical published in Greece that is devoted exclusively to issues of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Archaeology and Art.
  • Publishes a series of scholarly monographs entitled Notebooks of Byzantine Archaeology and Art.
  • Organizes each spring a scholarly meeting, the Symposium of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Archaeology and Art.
  • Holds specialist conferences, lectures and other events.


The XAE also expresses a practical interest in the preservation and protection of the cultural heritage, and collaborates with the responsible services of the Ministry of Culture and academic institutions in Greece and abroad.

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