The Symposium of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Archaeology and Art
The first XAE symposium, entitled "Recent Finds – Recent Research”, was organized in Athens in April 1981. Since then the Spring Symposium has been held each year in Athens, except in 1985 when it took place in Thessaloniki.
During this three-day meeting, papers are presented on issues relating to the archaeology and the art history of the Byzantine and the Post-Byzantine period. One day is devoted to a specific subject, with relevant papers.
The one-day colloquium during the Spring Symposium with a special topic was inaugurated in 1988 and the first specific subject was "The Art of the 15th Century”. The special topics in the following years were: "Art During the Period 1261-1400” (1989), "The End of Antiquity in the Cities and the Countryside, on the Basis of the Archaeological Evidence” (1990), "Dominant Trends in Art and Architecture in the Sixteenth Century” (1991), "Dominant Trends in Art and Architecture in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries” (1992), "Mani and Its Monuments” (1993), "Christian Boeotia and Phthiotis” (1994), "Patronage as a Factor in the Development of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art” (1995), "Archaeological and Artistic Testimonies of Death” (1996), "Cities of Byzantium from the 5th to the 15th Century” (1997), "Tradition and Renewal in 13th-century Art” (1998), "Castles and Fortifications” (1999), "Places of Pilgrimage – Influences in Art” (2000), "Iconographic Cycles of Saints in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art” (2001), "Archaeological Evidence of Craft-Industrial Installations in the Byzantine Period (5th-15th c.)” (2002), "Dress and Adornment in Byzantium. Testimonies from archaeology and art” (2003), "The Byzantine House and Its Equipment, 4th-15th c.” (2004), "Ecclesiastical Architecture” (2005) and "Women in Byzantium: Worship and Art” (2006).